Another quick article, this time on model making. Models were something I struggled with in 1st year. I seemed to produce models that resembled children’s dolls houses opposed to architectural models! So I’ve given you guys a hit of bulletpoints that helped me (until now) produce better, cleaner models.

1. Sometimes less is more. This is particularly useful in terms of materials. Don’t go overboard with trying to include metals, foamboards, woods and plastics in the same model.

2. Poundshop, Amazon, Ebay – You’re a student! Money is normally tight, save yourself a few quid by shopping wisely. You’ll be surprised, UHU glue along with masking tape can be bought in the poundshop, so suck up your pride and save yourself a penny or two!

3. Reading books – There’s several books on making architectural models. Do your research! I also enjoy buying books on joinery and furniture. Great for inspiration!

4. Glue – It’s an obvious one but i’ll throw it in there. The glueing of your models is sometimes more important than your cut outs. Bad glueing can bring a 5 star idea to nothing. Be patient with your glueing!

5. Photography – Didn’t get the finish you desired? Keep the model in the cupboard for your crits, but make up for any defects with great photography and photo editing!

I’ll be releasing an ebook with 100 magical tips on getting your physical models right stay tuned: here

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  1. Thanks for such a great full information.
    when start model making take the help form other or taking help form different model making blogs or different model making books.

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