To celebrate the release of my new ebook “100 Tips to Succeed in Interviews” I’ve compiled some free tips taken from the book to help those who need it!

As well as researching the company research the person who is actually interviewing you. People always like to talk about their personal achievements as well as their achievements gained within the company.

Motivation is key. You almost want to hype yourself up before you go into the interview. Believe that you’re the right candidate for the job despite all your imperfections.

Spare CV’s
Bring spare CV’s. Sometimes there’s a change in who’s conducting the interview. There may be a few extra faces that you weren’t expecting. It’s great to have some spare copies of your CV at hand.

Be aware of their time. Understand that you may have a lot to say about your own experiences or portfolio, but the person listening to you really just wants to hear the highlights. There’s a skill to showing a lot of work in a small amount of time.

If you want access to all 100 tips they can be found here

Good luck!

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