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It’s been a while since I’ve done a post, but I got this piece of work in recently and I couldn’t resist. I called the post “perspective” because it reminded me of how valuable it can be to simply ask for someone else’s perspective/opinion!

Below you will find “Witchaya Jingjit” fantastic project along with a description and the advice I gave him to improve it.

Comments have been coming in, feel free to leave them below. Any requests! Fire them away!

YES! Video tutorials are coming soon!

I hope you enjoy!

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1.Dr.Ravij Kuanprasert
2.Smitt Loha-Unchit

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Bangkok,Thailand
“ Bacteria Factory ” is an innovative building project (Biotechnology Prototype Laboratory) whose design is an application of bacterial characteristics on architecture. In reality, bacterial organisms adapt and balance themselves in different conditions. This project investigates, analyzes, and reproduces specific characteristics of bacteria into an architectural design by utilizing the principles of Biochemistry and Parametric Designs as follows:

1. A building structure which imitates bacterial proliferation and movement in different times and conditions.

2. A building facade which imitates a bacteria cell membrane whose pressure is self-balanced, flexible, and resistant in various conditions with energy production from photosynthesis and means of energy storage.

Apart from the aforementioned, the bacteria model also applies directly with the designing of wastewater treatment and electricity production systems which create a renewable energy cycle similar to that of living bacteria.

Conceptually, this is a living building.



A few comments below:

– The colours you have lighted the building with are really interesting. It some how gives the building a feeling of energy and life.

– I’m not sure on how the building actually functions. Have you considered storage areas, lifts, service rooms?

– Do the openings in the building utilise views in the surrounding area or are they placed at random?

– I would like to see the same organic structure, follow down into the foundations. Be inventive. Create a system that anchors the building to the ground? Sketch below.

– Add more people to your renders, it’s hard to understand how the space works in reality when people aren’t shown.

But I must say beautiful project!


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