Merry Christmas Everyone!

Another quick post for all the students out there. When I was studying at university I tried to make the most of my free time. Now don’t get me wrong, kick back after the crits and enjoy your holidays with friends and family. But you might find that you have some free periods in your holidays, that you can utilise for your return to university. I’ve compiled a small list of things you can do once you’ve fulfilled your well deserved lazy period!

– Research inspiring architects

– Be on the look out for new presentation styles

– Plan your project out

– Design or buy a timetable

– Plan your budget for materials, sketchbooks and printing

– Attend those exhibitions and workshops that you’re to lazy (or stressed) to attend when you’re in the middle of a semester.

– Start sketching or visualising your best ideas

– Research topics for your dissertations

– Check out youtube tutorials and brush up on your skills

– Have a search on pinterest – You can find my board here

– Make a list of your goals

– Read!

– Check out the RIBA Student Medals, see what other students are producing.

– And most importantly read my new ebooks HA! (cheeky I know but seriously they are good) Happy new year everyone!

All the best,

Zean Macfarlane

One thought on “Holidays”

  1. Merry Christmas Zean!
    Thanks for having time to write the list, it’ll help a lot.
    Yeah, HA! They’re actually amazing, it’s easy to read and re-read, I never get bored of it and everytime I have a look at I realize something completely new and inspiring. Like I in the future calling me now and tell me to do this and don’t do that, and it’s always valuable.
    Enjoy your holiday and happy new year!

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