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100 Tips for Architecture Students (Ebook)


100 Tips for Architecture Students – A motivational ebook for aspiring architects

Do you study Architecture?
Ever wondered how to achieve the best grades in your course?

Zean Mair-Macfarlane, the author of this book gained a distinction in his architecture degree. He has also worked for renowned practices such as Foster+Partners and David Collins Studio.

What the book includes:
Every student knows the importance of time. Therefore the book is designed to be read in a matter of minutes, not days. The book touches on the tips, lessons and routines that helped me achieve in my degree. Essentially the book is the ultimate motivator to help you achieve your full potential at university.

What happens after you purchase?
Your ebooks will be emailed to your paypal email address within 24hrs. You can also download the ebooks at your own convenience if you click the “my account” tab on our website.

Still need help?
Email: zean@zeanmacfarlane.com




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