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Complete Bundle (Ebooks)

Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating
Tramadol Using Mastercard

£25.93 £10.00

architecture photoshop rendering

Zean Mair-Macfarlane, the author of the following ebooks gained a distinction in his architecture degree. He has also worked for renowned practices such as Foster+Partners and David Collins Studio.

What the Ebooks include:
Every creative knows the importance of time. Therefore the ebooks are designed to be read in a matter of minutes, not days. The books touch on the tips, lessons and routines that helped me achieve at university and in my business. Essentially the books are the ultimate motivators to help you achieve your full potential in design!

The Rendering Ebooks:
If you’re a photoshop master these books aren’t for you. Instead I’ve tried to make rendering easy! How does one create simplistic collage renderings without needing to use a long list of tools, settings and techniques.

Designers and students have always asked me, “How do you render and what software do you use?” These questions are answered in the following ebooks. And rest assured its easy! My step by step guide shows the reader how to create the first two cover pages of the ebook bundle. From light to shadows, to cropping and layering!

Skill Level:
– Beginner

Ebooks Included:
– tutorial for photoshop rendering elevations
– tutorial for photoshop rendering interiors
– 100 Tips for architecture students
– 100 Tips for drawing and rendering
– 100 Tips for finding a job in architecture
– 100 Tips to succeed in interviews

What’s Inside?
– tutorial ebooks – Approx 50 pages (per ebook)
– 100 tips ebooks – Approx 100 pages (per ebook)

What are ebooks?
– Ebooks are electronic PDF files that can be read on your phone, handheld, or computer.

What happens after you purchase?
You can download the ebooks at your own convenience by clicking the “my account” tab on our website.

Still need help?
Email: zean@zeanmacfarlane.com


1 review for Complete Bundle (Ebooks)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    alfaro.nls (verified owner)

    Perfect tutorial ! Easy and beautiful !

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