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>>> This service is currently unavailable <<< Introduced by popular demand - I've now launched the 30/30 deal. I know the life of an architecture student can be tough on your finances, therefore I try to keep my pricing as reasonable as possible. The new Skype mentoring system is quite simple. A 30 minute skype call for £30. A few examples of how you might use the call: - Looking for a job and want some advice? - Need a CV check? - Want a portfolio check? - Starting or finishing a university project? - Wanting some inspiration for new ideas? - Stuck with an essay? - Need some help with detail drawing? - Want some advice on photoshop rendering? - Trying to brush up on your hand drawing skills? How it works After you make your purchase you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. We will then discuss the best time suited for you via email and confirm your session. Any documents you wish to discuss will be sent to me prior to the skype call, this essentially allows me to take notes and utilise your 30minute session efficiently.

5 reviews for Skype Mentoring

  1. Ade (verified owner)

    Zean was fun, engaging and provided a more than comprehensive review of my work. He has a genuine passion to give you the help you need.

    He identified areas of my work which required improvement and talked me through his suggestions. Zean dropped so may gems regarding design, presentation, time management and of course architecture. (Make sure you have a notebook or recording device close by)

    You can see that he’s well experienced and knowledgeable of the architectural field.
    My best “crit” yet.

    I’d certainly recommend his service and I will be purchasing the ebooks right away!

  2. Vedad (verified owner)

    Zean was an absolute pleasure to have a conversation with, especially because there was much that resonated with us both. I was a little nervous having my work critiqued, but Zean somehow managed to be both thoughtful and encouraging.

    His commitment to my questions and what I was bringing to the table was clearly evident, and there was no doubt that he took the session seriously, but in a relaxed and joyful way.

    I’m looking forward to keeping in touch!

  3. Anna S (verified owner)

    The first time I reached out to Zean was during the times when this path seems dark and confusing, doubting if this is the right way to go, depressed, I know I have potentials but I was so tired to go ahead (lets be honest, we’ve all been there). I poured my thoughts into his inbox not expecting a reply cuz I thought it’s a page run by a bot. Shortly after, there was a long, uplifting reply personally from him. Getting a perspective, encouragement and mentoring from such an experienced, talented and great architect will be all you need to set your foot back on track. And the skype session covers everything you need as requested, with disccussion regardless the topic as Zean seems to be knowledgable in any approach you have in mind, along with fresh ideas and critiques.

    If I have to rate it out of 10, it’s definitely an 11!

  4. shakirn (verified owner)

    Having a tutorial with zean, first of all, was a moral booster. If you’re stuck and really need a push then he is the perfect person to come too. Throughout the session he was very engaging and committed to all the questions I came up with. He gave the best advice he could and encouraged me to keep my ideas whilst solving the problems I had in a way that he was not imposing his ideas on me, but making it easy for me. I’m very happy and motivated with the tutorial.

  5. Ian (verified owner)

    Zean is super cool!
    He helped run me through his mindset and process for his rendering style and gave some overall tips on how to approach the professional side of visualization. It was a conversation I didn’t realize I needed, and I’m grateful for it! Must have if you’re the slightest interested in receiving some beneficial feedback and help!

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